About us

About us

SaySanaa was established in 2015, specializes in interior design drawing and its renovation work. Since then we have extended our experience working on projects of international organizations and significant developments of Mongolian leading companies in total of over four hundred projects.

Exploring new things, working continuously, and team work are our strengths. Understanding the purpose and scope of a project, studying on the client’s assignments, and adding our own ideas lead us to achieve better results.

10 projects of large international organizations

We have successfully completed projects of large international organizations such as United Nations, Ernst & Young, Asia Foundation, and Huawei at the project management level.

Projects of more than 100 Mongolian leading companies

We have worked on significant developments of leading companies such as MCS Group, APU, Mobicom Corporation, Gobi Cashmere, etc…

SaySanaa works on 6-8 projects every month

Today, SaySanaa is working on total of 6 interior design and renovation projects.

50 interior design renovation projects

SaySanaa has completed the interior renovation of more than 50 projects including offices, houses, apartments and commercial places.

25 employees piloted for research in overseas

Twenty-five employees were sent abroad to attend international exhibitions, discover new design materials and furniture for our further projects.

More than 400 interior design projects

SaySanaa team completed over 400 interior design projects of offices, houses, apartments, and commercial places.